Tuesday, September 17

Four-door Mustang? Real or rumor?

How would feel if Ford additional two doors its image vehicle line?
You may recall that Ford Motor Co. declared this spring that it’d quit producing regular ridercars — with two exceptions: the new Focus Active, a crossover wagon it’d import, and, of course, the ever-popular and ever-collectible pony.

This summer, Ford aforesaid the new U.S. tariffs on foreign vehicles forced it to change its mind on transfer among the Active, and presently rumors unit of measurement current that the company is considering a four-door version of the horse for people who still would like or would really like an everyday rider sedan.

A pony forum, Mustang6G.com, according that Ford hinted at such a vehicle at a recent meeting with its dealers. Apparently, the sedan would be built on a long-wheelbase pony platform and would have a fastback style. the car would be double-geared toward competing with the likes of the Porsche Panamera and vehicles of that selection.

When automobile and Driver magazine followed informed the report, a Ford interpreter would neither guarantee nor deny any such rumor, instead responding that “we unit of measurement ceaselessly on our game to staypony exciting every year.”

Which brings North yankee country to this question: As a automobile collector/enthusiast, would you compromise for a four-door version of the horse or can such a automobile violate the spirit of the horse badge? And would a four-door version enhance or hurt pony values as collectible cars?