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Britain’s Best Driver’s automobile 2018: meet the contenders

In the on the brink of thirty years we’ve been running our Britain’s Best Driver’s automobile contest, the target has invariably remained consistent: to look out the foremost amusing automobile to drive of each given year.

Simple? On the face of it, you’ll suppose therefore. but to come to a conclusion to match that purpose is created luxuriant less clear-cut by the huge vary of cars that ar invited to contend.

Informally, we have a tendency to tend to call it ‘Handling Day’ as a results of vehicle dynamics ar the primary interest: not power, not vehicle size or weight, and not strictly the type of powertrain, either.

All of these things, though, have an impact on what a automobile feels like to drive: but it steers, but well it turns, but it rides and, most importantly, but it tells you concerning all of thesethings.

Over the years, costly cars have won, relatively ‘cheap’ cars have won, cars with very little or no power have won and cars with loads of power have won. we’ve got excellent samples of all of these this year. which means that finishing first is that the most quantity of a ringing endorsement as a automobile can get, and finishing last isn’t extraordinarily last within the least.

Every single one in all the cars we have a tendency to tend to took to Wales – on quiet roads we have a tendency to all recognize well and on the excellent Anglesea race circuit – for three solid days of testing is terrific in itself. but there’ll entirely be one winner.

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Sometimes you get some way with this event that it’s going to be AN honest one. Not merely once all the cars arassembled at intervals the pen, but sometimes weeks or months before, as a result of the most contenders beginto reveal themselves. We’ve been doing this a minute – twenty 9 years, if you’re interested – throughout thatwe’ve learned to trust our instincts. And for quite some time presently, we’ve got thought that 2018 was going to be quite generally kind to what’s stated as our Britain’s Best Driver’s automobilecompetition externally, but what, at intervals the Autocar walls, is alleged just as Handling Day. we have a tendency to tend toweren’t wrong.

Of course, it’s not on a daily basis within the least, but three. the first is spent entirely on the road, the second entirely on the track, the third on every, scrubbing up loose ends of research, judging, photography and video. If we have a tendency to tend to try and do our jobs well, by the tip of it our five judges will have gotten ANy below the skin of our 10 cars in seventy 2 hours than most householders might in an passing amount of your time on the road.

This year we have a tendency to tend to came back to perhaps our happiest trying ground, the quiet roads of the Snowdonia tract, for sensible on-road assessment where we have a tendency to tend to drive as we have a tendency to tend to imagine most householders would, and thus the great Anglesea Circuit where we have a tendency to tend to drive perhaps a bitquicker than might someone with their own rubber to ruin.

But pure speed from purpose to purpose or over a lap isn’t what we’re here for. we have a tendency to tend to record lap times as a results of we’ll, which we have a tendency to suppose you’d have AN interest to scan them, but they still be of academic interest alone. they’re not a component of our higher cognitive process.