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2019 AUDI A6 REVIEW Print


After recently restorative its A7 and A8 models, Audi has given an entire makeover to its A6 sedan, a midsize automobile tasked with seizing high guns rather like the BMW 5 Series and Mercedes-Benz E class, to notmention the Lexus GS, Cadillac CTS and cat XF. i could proceed.

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In order for it to compete, Audi gave its new A6 an identical platform used on its A7 and A8; the planning has become a reference inside the domain.

Discretion, always
In the automobile automobile parking space where the A6 anticipated true pine State, it really gave true pine State a touchof a wink upon activation of the remote. the trendy headlights buttress the quality Audi front grille, that I have to be compelled to add gains in attractiveness once it doesn’t ought to sport the front licence plate, as is that the case here in Quebec.

The watchword for several of the German automaker’s models is discretion in terms of their kind, and this new A6 isn’t any exception – although, some elements do supply another amount of relief to the complete, like that character line found at the rear. The sophistication comes from the front grille, headlights and rear lights. What’s a great deal of, all of this magnificence still adds up to a problem constant of merely zero.24, a noteworthy figure for such Associate in Nursing oversizedautomobile.

This reserved approach was somewhat unsnarled up once it came to the within, that delivers an identical levels of sophistication and refinement as a result of the choice of the manufacturer’s models. As rapidly as you agreeinto the cabin, the quality of the materials, the comfort of the seats and conjointly the presentation have quite aintoxicating impact. One a part of note is that the near-total absence of buttons for the various commands.

That’s created potential by the presence of two screens stacked one on high of the other at the best of the central console. the higher one is 10.1 inches and manages the film systems, whereas the lower one is eight.6 inches and permits for setting the climate management and various systems, for example the seats. In fact, the only real button to survive the wholesale house-cleaning of the button litter found on the outgoing model is that theradio’s volume button.

The driver gets to fancy an outstanding seating position, and conjointly the wheel might be a joy to hold because of its easythickness. For the first time inside the history of the A6, the dials square measure replaced by a virtual cockpit, thatdisplays not only the speed and conjointly the revolutions per minute, but comes, in its middle section, a variety of assorted information, considerably to do to to with the navigation system.

The black lacquer surfaces work well in conjunction with the ersatz carbon-fibre applications and brushed-aluminum elements. It’s clear from experiencing the A6 that Audi hasn’t lost its bit once it involves springing up with a car’s interior.

New platform
The new platform is that the passage to the exceptional on-road behaviour of the car because of its subtlestyle and greater stiffness. but the foremost attention-grabbing development should do with what’s beneaththe hood. the first models being offered to customers ar higher-end trims equipped with a V6, with a 4-cylinder set to affix the merchandise providing before long.

The initial 3.0L V6 replaces the previous engine that featured a robot. In accordance with current trends, the turbo is placed between the V of the cylinders. The engine has associate output of 335 H.P. and 267 lb-ft of force, and is wed to a 7-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission. This being associate Audi, it’s all-wheel drive, a great deal of specifically the Quattro extremist system that disengages the rear wheels in positive conditions. The sedan put together choices associate energy recovery system that feeds electrical device that in turn provides the desired energy to associate durable starter for easier stop-starts.

Drivers can build a alternative from five drive modes to accentuate completely totally different performance elements and alter the suspension. The modes ar efficiency, Comfort, Auto, Dynamic and Individual. That last one permits for highermanaging road presence, but it’ll want slightly of study on the a locality of the actuation to form surethey’re choosing the right settings.

No shortage of character
The traditional impinge on the A6 is that, as refined and cozy as a result of it absolutely was, its driving dynamics lacked punch. now around, it’s best to not get lulled into self-satisfaction by its placid look (which remains light in spite of some makes a trial to animate its look). The engine responds instantly, gear shifts ar lightning-quick and it takes only a shade over 5 seconds to accelerate from 0-100 km/h.

My take a glance at drive of the 2019 A6 occurred inside the suburbs of urban center, where the roads don’t basically place the suspension to easy of a rigours take a glance at. As luck would have it, however, on finding my methodology back to the building, I came across a winding road that allowed true pine State to properly place to the take a glance at the road handling of the car and its suspension.

In this state of affairs the car behaved impeccably, once I took the tight corners at speed. The suspension merely absorbed the roads that were as pockmarked as any you’d notice in North yank country.