Monday, August 26

1961 Plymouth Sport Fury – you may call it odd, it’s ok.

One might say the all-new 1961 Plymouth styling was contentious – to say the tiniest quantity. (Didn’t MOPAR learn one thing from Ford’s Edsel?) Apparently not. it’d be taxing to argue that the styling of the ‘61 Plymouth was any less eccentric than that of Ford’s squalid three-year marvel named once Henry’s only child and sole heir to the Ford Motor Company– Edsel Ford.
Fins were forever gone as designers sliced off the huge sail fins of the previous model year and stirred the onlytail-brake light-weight assemblies into the concave house at the rear end of the rear fenders. If I didn’t grasp any higher, I’d bet they force those lamp assemblies from a Chrysler Imperial bin. And would you call those “fins” at the tail end of the rear deck? I don’t assume so. maybe a “shelf” – but beyond any doubt not fins.
So but did the 1961 Plymouth honest with the automotive buyers? Sales for the year born by a full simple fraction, throwing Plymouth all the method right down to seventh place at intervals the business. (Apparently I’m not the only real one world organization agency thought that the styling was “odd”, to position it courteously.) That same, there unit of measurement many Mopar fans, and others, world organization agency a bit like the set up of owning one issue distinctivethat you’re unlikely to examine at succeeding Chuck-A-Burger cruise night come spring 2019! (Which can’t returnearly on for me!)
Why is it, one might ruminate, that so few of these specific Mopars unit of measurement seen on the road, or a minimum of automotive shows these days? The numbers tell a minimum of a locality of the story. For the aim of this, let’s compare the “Big 3”, GM, Ford and Chrysler sales of all full-sized models. After all, the total lineup from entry to flagship models had identical sheet and basic trim. at intervals the best slot was the one961 Chevrolet antelope that racked up a grand total for the model year of one,191,908 units. Ford came in at vary two with 791,801 and Plymouth came a drawn-out third away with merely 198,444 – however bank bill of Chevrolet’s total for full-sized cars. So, right off the bat, just one Plymouth rolled off the panopticon floor for every 5Chevys.

Now let’s stop working the sad story with the alternative factors. tho’ Mopar (Plymouth, Dodge, DeSoto and Chrysler products) had a stellar name at intervals the mechanical department with their bullet-proof engines, from the slant six up to the HEMI V-8s, and an identical name for his or her Torque-Flyte automatic transmissions. Chassis with the torsion bar suspension was one in each of the stronger points every in comfort and handling, and it completely was the second year for Chrysler’s Unibody construction.

But where they fell behind was in body longevity; which means primarily they were instance “rust buckets”, and additionally the unibody was carried easy of the blame. trust it. Unit body means there’s no frame on it to linethe body. The body is also a one-piece unit, so once the body rusts away, what’s left? That’s right, a goodengine and tranny sitting there on your gorgeous asphalt driveway! Ok, maybe I’m exaggerating merely alittle measure, but you get the aim.

Photo 4.jpg
The gauge cluster is true out of the Jetsons!

The Sport Fury ragtop shown here is also a repaint wrapped during a} very special Plymouth color, Petty Blue, found on later models. it’s two-toned, paired with black tie Black.

The original building complex base value for this Sport Fury convertible was $3,535 and decisions of that there are many. The automotive sold-out in auction for a short time back. the worth for this “20-footer” was $26,900 and it fetched $21,900. swell for a “showy” and rare ragtop.

FIN MAN FACTOID: chief of Plymouth this year was C.E. Briggs world organization agency in addition management the title of Plyouth chairperson and chief officer. Chrysler-Plymouth was formed this year, affiliation on the selling of the connected nameplates. Hmmm… perhaps I wasn’t remote thinking those lamp assemblies came out of a Chrysler Imperial parts box!